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It’s simple.

When it comes to styling, the Mustang is all about two-tone, and that can be done in two different ways, a simple one is in the front. If you want to go with a clean line, but also add a little bling to make things unique, you can do that with that rear bumper, with something like the F-150, which uses a wide-ass rear wing. It looks very different than the one used on the Mustang GT, but you’re still getting nice clean lines under your front fenders. If you want more of an edge, you can go with a small spoiler, which will create a little more verticality. In both cases, it’s all about the combination of the front and rear.
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The rear end is the most tricky element to achieve, but it’s not really that difficult, especially if you know how. The key is just to get the front bumper to the same height as the rear bumper. That way, you’re always in the same plane, but that gives you a little space to work with.

One thing I will say for both cars, is the car of the future can be the car of today. I think that’s pretty evident. The Ford Mustang is the best-looking, quickest car that Ford makes. So why don’t we go back over the history of what makes the Mustang great. You see, back when we were racing, the GT350 wasn’t as good as the Mustang. So that was really a reason why you went as far as you did. But what is also apparent, back in the 50s and 60s, the Mustang looked just as good as the GT500, it was just a little bit prettier. It’s cool, it makes you want to go faster, and it’s a fun car. I like to think that all this will go away, that the GT350 is a little little less cool, but the Mustang is going to still out perform it. I like that idea. This is the future.

And I’m not a car person, but I’ll tell you why it’s important. The Ford Mustang is the only car in the world that can really do everything — a high performance, comfortable car, something you go to the track with it, a decent sports car. Everything else, it’s either too big, too heavy or too small. It’s something like that that you have to have, if you want to have a car that’s going to do

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