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How do you draw the side of a tank? The back of a car is always flat. A car, like a plane, is flat. You always see the back side of a plane and never the back side of a car.”

How did you do your homework on that aspect to the book?

“I read all you could about the history of science fiction and fantasy and fantasy literature in general, and I looked at all the books as art and literature. My book was kind of an homage to some of the great artists that have written fantasy literature in this country. So a lot of the historical elements were based on my love for fantasy literature. The cover art is very old-fashioned, a lot like what you see a lot of times. There is sort of the “magic carpet effect” look we have today, a lot like the covers of Star Wars. I have the cover for the book in pencil and ink and I made the cover on the computer. I did about eight full pages, with about 50 percent pencil art and 50 percent on paper. After I finished the front and back covers, I went to the printer and got that finished. There is the cover and there is the inside. Because of the covers being made, I got a lot of feedback. Because there were so many books being published when I was doing the book, a lot of people said things I didn’t want to hear, like “I know this sounds really weird, but why do you have her in a swimsuit?” Because this is the same woman who went to my funeral, and I was crying.

How far did you go going into the interior design?
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“I started by doing the backgrounds. If a woman is in a swimsuit then she needs to be in a swimsuit. The next step and step closer was how the cars and motorcycles look. I drew a lot of the interiors. The car interior is a classic car interior, but I wanted the motorcycles to look good for motorcycles. A lot of the interior is done on paper and then I take some of the paper and I make a painting and I have it in 3D on the computer. I made two different paintings that I did on the computer. I made the first car, like a Bugatti Veyron, then I made another car, this one was a Mercedes Benz. At first we were going to have a Mercedes Benz, but I didn’t want the car to stand out. I wanted the woman to stand in a kind

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