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You draw a Mustang, I’m afraid, a very good one.”

And, then, the engine started to rev, and then I was laughing.

“My Mustang!” I said.

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So we drove for a while, through a lot of hills, the whole damn place, and I was sitting there just laughing.

Finally, we went down the road to the base and got a little hotel.

But I had gotten an awful cold—no feeling. The car was in the trunk, but I didn’t get some blankets or the temperature, just an unutterable coldness.

In the hotel, I couldn’t eat anything; I was hungry, but I wouldn’t eat, just keep on going. I wasn’t able to sleep for two or three days.

Then we went back up the hill to the base in the hot sun, and when we got back the car started up, in perfect working order.

I came back to the top again and looked at the thing. “Well, you’ve done a magnificent job,” I said.

And I kept going on and on for the next day and the next.

And this was a beautiful car. I was astonished. I felt so proud of it that I wanted to show it to my brother, who lives in California, just to show him, you know, what we built.

The day before I left, one of our friends came and asked me if we could come back the following year and have a ride; it would be easy to get on the same road we went on before, down to the road we had just gotten on.

I said we had, that’s right.

Well, we drove down the road, and there was a big black box box at the end of it, and as we went by, the box began to move in a circle, and when I looked inside, I saw the engine had completely gone under the hood.

And, well, if you could imagine, there you have the story of my car’s design and construction. You may have been there at the time, if you can remember, if you can even tell what was inside the car.

But you’ll have to tell me when you can get back there, if you can.

It was made of an over-engineered piece of metal, and there was so much pressure in the engine that it drove a shaft right in front of the

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