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Well, you’ve probably already seen an old truck drawn. As you can see, this is a vintage 1959 Chevy pickup truck and not a modern Toyota pickup!

This truck is actually being donated to a museum in Los Angeles by its current owner and it may be worth quite a few thousand dollars. When you look at the picture, you can tell that it wasn’t very well done before it was sold. However, it’s still interesting to look at and it will get you fired up to see what other vintage trucks you might be able to find! I hope this is the last photo I’ll ever upload for quite some time and I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I did.

Do you have any vintage cars, trucks, or other interesting finds to share? Shoot me a comment below and share some of your favorite vintage pictures below.

A new study at the University of California Davis published this week suggests that there may be a causal relationship between the way scientists study complex problems, the type of questions raised, and how they respond to questions.

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One particularly intriguing finding was that if a scientific method is used to answer a difficult question, that method may actually cause people to think more positively about that method, especially if the question is similar to a question raised in another form of the study.

The study, conducted by U.C. Davis associate professor Andrew Oswald, surveyed about 4,200 people at five universities in five states.

Among the questions people were asked, Oswald’s team first examined how respondents felt about how they had answered a series of standard questions to analyze how they might have been influenced by a particular scientific method when they were doing a research project.

For example, when Oswald’s team compared how people answered various questions raised about science methods used during previous research projects, he found that participants tended to think that their answers had been influenced more often than they actually were if they had answered in an appropriate manner, and not if they had answered inappropriately, for example to a question about the validity of the methods being used.

Oswald said it’s not clear how a scientist is influenced by the way a question is asked, but he does think that what makes a scientist feel less positive about certain scientific methods may be related to whether they use an appropriate approach in answering that question, if at all.

Oswald said a researcher needs to be careful and aware of how a question is framed, how people may respond to questions in other forms, and what people might

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