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The first thing that I did (and that’s pretty much the entire process) was I created a custom piece of furniture for my little one, in a set of Lego bricks. (She’s now 6th grade, so I think it’s only fitting that she will start drawing trucks.) I wanted her to get so familiar with the construction process that she learned to do it to herself. I’ve been a huge fan of using Lego as a construction technique, so I also created a custom Lego set to go along with her Lego set. As a bonus for me, I built it herself. I was very satisfied with the end result, and it was my first custom Lego project. (So, I’m pretty satisfied with myself)

What would you like someone to take from the project? (Hint, hint)

I know that there isn’t much about kids that resembles what they have of a truck in their living room or in their garage. As much as I want them to become better motorcyclers and truck lovers, I think parents have to play an active role in instilling in their children the skills to do something for their community instead of driving the truck. Kids don’t just get an auto scholarship to college. They get an auto scholarship to college that isn’t based on driving a truck. Kids can do far more than just “be drivers.”

And finally, what are you working on next?

If my kids are going to become adults, that means I’m going to work on getting them into some real careers, both for them and their communities. I’m still in the process of starting my own company in San Diego, CA – called Jukebox Motors, that’s not going to be the only vehicle that they can drive in their own right! That being said, I’ve got a plan for a new book about how car companies and their employees are shaping American society, that I think may be of interest to a lot of readers. I’m currently working on a new short story collection that’s set in my childhood, that I hope will be as interesting to you. I also feel like I need to start building some of the skills I learned building my own sets of bricks, something that I’ve been doing for almost fifteen years now.

What’s your favorite piece of Lego besides your truck?

I was just about to ask that question, but I have one other that everyone thinks of first.

What are you working on now? (Hint,

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