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Where do you drive it? What do you think about the weather? Do you eat? What do you wear? These and similar questions are at the center of the latest series. Written by Anonymous

The following is the text of an April 4th, 2017, email sent by the Office of the Dean to each student receiving a letter of warning.

Dear Ms. Student:

The Office of Student Conduct has received a number of complaints concerning behavior involving the “White Student Union” in The Village on the campus of Western State Colorado University.

To be clear, we cannot comment on any of the allegations, but for now, let’s summarize and state that it appears the “White Student Union” was originally intended to be an inclusive space. In that regard, its activities have been largely in line with the mission of The Village on campus. The “White Student Union” has also been engaged in productive activities that have been open to any member with the appropriate credentials. These activities include:

• Providing information and support on safety and anti-oppression in response to anti-blackness at Western State.

• Providing information and support on healthy relationships and boundaries of students toward fellow students.

• Providing information and support on how to become involved in and support community-serving projects for students.

• Providing opportunities for students to practice safe sex behaviors.

• Providing opportunities for student leaders (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) to engage in discussion on how to change their own behaviors and how to engage in the lives of their fellow students.
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• Providing educational opportunities to discuss topics pertaining to anti-blackness, rape culture, and the campus climate.

• Providing educational opportunities for students to practice Safe Sex.

• Providing an educational opportunity for instructors to share their experiences of sexual assault on students.

At the beginning of semester (February, 2017), while discussing a matter involving “a member of the University community,” the “White Student Union” posted this message that we received:

“The White Student Union is an equal opportunity offender/harasser of the marginalized and has been actively and consistently ignoring student and staff concerns. Please note that this is a university property, and we request that all complaints of this nature be directed towards the appropriate staff/faculty member concerned. Please email any additional concerns to the White Student Union at, or make yourself heard via

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