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Why does he have two eyes?”

Heh, he was right. The bunny was drawn by some girl who was actually kind of a really weird chick. At any rate, a bunny is a bunny, right? But it was the end of the episode. What next? You know, the show never ends.

Oh, it does. The only thing left to say after that is, “Wtf?”

I think some of you were expecting the next episode to happen in the style of “Stark Raving Dad.” Instead, our narrator, the old man, gets up, puts on his sunglasses, and goes back to the office, where he begins the rest of his life.

What’s so funny about the theme is that the theme just never ends, in a sense. So long as it’s going on, there’s always something new and different to find to keep things interesting. Or, as we’re about to see, interesting.



What a lovely way to describe the experience of watching this show, but no: I do not think I’ll watch it for another five seasons. I was afraid I might. There’s something about The Simpsons that always gets us a bit excited, even if it’s just a small part of every episode. It was like when the show premiered in syndication at the end of the ’80s. Just when the show seemed to be on its last legs, there was a little something extra bubbling right in there somewhere. And now, that something has finally manifested itself and we want some other people to experience it with us too.

There were plenty of signs of that last season, even after watching episode after episode. And it only seems obvious after you see the episode I am talking about here, too, because that episode is almost entirely focused on the events that just happened. You know, like a big party, or an Easter egg, or whatever. But when we were reading the script for this episode, we found it actually quite funny, too.

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No, but here’s what was going on that night. When Bart was first coming in, there was sort of a scene between Homer, Marge, and Lisa where Homer says, “I just don’t understand why Bart is being so selfish. He can’t even save a little boy’s life.”

Well, that’s right. In episode 4, when Bart has his meeting with the manager, the manager

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