How do you draw an old truck? – How To Draw Cars Book

I had to go all over town. I took a bunch of old trucks, and I started with an old truck that I’ve got laying around. It was a one-day job. I went on the streets, and people kept asking me if I could help them clean up after the flood. I started talking to them and taking pictures, and it just snowballed from there. It grew.

Did you see a lot of traffic on the street, or were you just able to find a car every few minutes? It varied. People would ask me if I was going to take pictures of them, but I’d say no. On the other hand, when I was looking for cars to take pictures of they’d be right there. For example, one morning I looked at my phone and I didn’t see anybody, I just had the viewfinder open. And then a car pulled up and it was one of the guys from the town office, and he was looking at my phone. “How do you find these people?” he asked me.

Your camera is your favorite thing? Yes, my favorite thing. I really want it in every photo. It’s not just about me, it’s about everybody. I want people seeing something that they can relate to, or maybe they saw something that they would like. I’ve had to buy that camera as a gift, I bought it a couple of years ago. If you go to my Facebook page, I’ll probably post something in there from this trip that’s interesting to me, and they’ll get a good laugh out of it.

Are you a natural photographer? I used to be, but you have to learn the skills. If you can draw or paint you can do it. When I was little my parents took me to these little museums and we went in and studied all the stuff that they kept there. Then I started going to art school and then painting in college. When I got out of school I said I want to pursue the photographer’s life or a life in photography, and then I went back and started taking pictures. I was always in love with it.

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