How do you draw an old truck? – Youtube How To Draw Cars Step By Step

A lot of my friends draw it because I was interested in the subject. I started with a blue car and I drew it as much as possible like the blue car had a lot of different paint jobs.

How do you build it?

It’s a little bit of a challenge because I don’t know the way it’s done, but there’s a couple people who made a huge contribution and then there’s some people who just do it. Some people make parts and some people make stuff.

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How do you make that stuff?

There’s a lot of people who make tools and things for this truck. For example, I made a piece for the windshield by hand. The body that I make is almost all made out of wood and I started to do the whole truck. Also, one of the guys made his own motor.

In this video, you look like you have a plan. How do you actually make a truck?

I started out with the body in wood, I bought some wood, I bought some hardware, I bought some cnc steel parts and stuff and got this truck ready to start this design. Some guys helped me to build some parts for the body. You don’t do this stuff on a hobby scale, so you build it from scratch, you start from scratch. Also you buy some of the parts and you make your own parts. The only thing you really need is a cnc steel cutter. You don’t need a saw. As you can see, you have a little bit of work but then you still finish it better than some other guys.

In your video, they say you’re a little bit of a crazy guy. Is that why you built the car?

My father always said that he can build anything he wants and I think the truck is the final form of my car. Also, as a little kid, I always went crazy and never told anyone. I’m still too young to be doing dangerous things. I think my parents took this into account because I’m not a crazy person, I’ve been to hospital five times. I’m a fairly rational person, but at the same time, I am not a rational person either but I have a very hard time with people who think this is crazy. I have the same fear I always did, I have that fear every time I see cars. There’s an incident, it happened like five years ago. The other day when I saw my mother driving, she turned to

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