How do you draw a turtle? – How Do You Draw A Cars

Well, you don’t! You can’t. So we looked for an artist who can and found one.

What is the meaning behind your work and what does your illustration say about the world?

If you do a drawing of the human figure and have it become a figure of an animal, that means you’re on to something. So if you take an illustration of the human figure and put a turtle on it – well, it’s a good illustration. And it means you’re on to something, that it’s a drawing that’s interesting.

I also think it shows that if a turtle can’t figure out a way of being human, it can figure out an explanation of why it shouldn’t exist – which is that turtle doesn’t believe in things like freedom; that turtle doesn’t believe in a fair or equal society; that turtle doesn’t believe in an open and free society; that turtle doesn’t believe that you can go around and do things just by yourself – that turtle believes that you have to have a system set up to help you to be good. That means a government, an army, a court system for things like that. Because for an animal like a turtle, to imagine that you can live alone, to have someone look after you is too far-fetched. The animal has a very complex system of social interaction, and that’s what we’re trying to get at and then explain.

To what extent do you think it’s realistic to think in terms of animals having their own distinct culture?

[Laughs.] I guess it’s possible in many ways. Some animals are in very specific habitats. As for me, I have all kinds of animals in my studio, I have different animals, from the smallest fish to the largest fish. A lot of the work I do is quite abstract and not very real.

How would you describe your relationship to art in the digital realm?

What I like is that now the artist has no control over what’s put into their art. As an artist you can do whatever you want with it. We’re not in a world where everything has to be so tightly controlled. It’s like the way we had all the paintings in this room for the last 1000 years. You couldn’t look at them and tell exactly what was going on. Now that it’s more open, where the art is totally up to you, I think that’s a good thing. When you look at it, and you see the way the art is, you

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