How do you draw cars? – Draw Cars 4

I draw cars for fun, not necessarily to build a car. It’s a very visual hobby that I do as part of work and hobby to pass the time. It helps me stay motivated and keeps me up-to-date with what designers are doing and what the market wants. I like to draw in pencil. I love doing the 3D drawings, but it’s hard to do in a computer. Most of my friends use a pen and paper to do these.

Photo: Dan Sarnoff

How do you feel about the way the car market has changed during your time in the market, especially since you started working in the industry?

I think it’s very cool that car design has become so mainstream. There are so many different car companies out there that are creating cars in a variety of designs and it really showcases more car designs. My favorite car of all time is probably Nissan’s Qashqai and it’s quite a different design than the current car market today.

Photo: Dan Sarnoff

What are your favorite colors in cars?

I can’t say I have any favorite colors. I like most of the cars I encounter. I think a lot of people that buy cars think they are looking at a “cool car” or maybe some special paint job. But when I am driving around in a lot of cars, I feel like I’m doing something special and I don’t mind if somebody doesn’t like or enjoy the car. If I don’t like it, I don’t want to say anything bad about it. If someone gets bored of it or it gets broken, that doesn’t make me mad (laughs).

Photo: Dan Sarnoff

What inspires your interest in car design?

The car design I find most interesting is generally a very classic car. If I’m in a town and see a lot of very old cars, it’s interesting to me. As a designer, you tend to look at cars that have something different about them. Some of my favorite designs I’ve done in the past were things from the ’50s and ’60s.

Photo: Dan Sarnoff

Why are you currently working as a freelance designer in Los Angeles, and what are your main projects?

I work freelance because I enjoy it, and it makes me feel comfortable. I really enjoy designing and working with designers. I am a very personal designer and it allows me to take a lot of things that don

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