How do you draw dear? – How To Draw Old Cars Step By Step

How do you talk you? When will you get married. Where do you get your clothing. When you go to a show how good you look.”

Byrne laughed out loud. “I used to get asked that before. When I come to a show how good I look. There’s not a man in the audience who doesn’t like to say hello to me. I say goodbye to them as they come by.”

He turned away and turned. I could see a look on his face that made the flesh in my teeth clench. That look said, “He’s the man who did us.” There are more than a few in the audience who think that; but it’s the kind of look he got out of me.

He looked down at me. “What are you talking about?”

“The fact is,” I said, “nobody ever says hello to me. There’s no room to talk any more.”

He stood up and turned. “You can be my friend,” he said.

I looked at him with a mixture of awe and respect. “I never thought about being your friend,” I said slowly. “But it wouldn’t do for you to come looking for me after you did me out.”

And then he smiled. “What’re you going to do there?”

He turned and came out into the hall. “Go to an entertainment and see how you look,” he said. “You can ask me for anything. I’m here to make friends. I’m a nice guy.” He stopped at the doorway and stopped me.
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“Would you like me to walk with you to the bus?” he asked me.

So I left, walking alone in the rain in the dark with only the moonlight and a moonlighted candle to protect my self. The rain had soaked my clothes, but they hadn’t soaked me at all. I didn’t try to change shoes just to be protected from it any more than I tried to change a pair of shoes in my mind from an ordinary pair to something special. As I walked, a feeling inside me grew of the need to take my own time, to do me, to be my own man, to do me my own way.

I stopped on the street. “Oh God,” I said. “Is that a dream?”

And my heart beat fast, fast for the first time in days.

What do you want from me?

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