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How does the road work from the inside?”

It was a big question, but I took it on personally. I asked them, “Do you think you could teach me?” (If you watch the video, it would probably be a while before anyone would have said yes.) My mother was a carpenter, and she said she loved to teach a little bit. She told me I was on the right path; they did a little bit, but it wasn’t to be. But they did help teach me a little bit. I would love to do it my way — but not the way I had been taught. My family would help.

Did you look around and think, “It’s hard enough to learn to do something like this, and it’s so easy to do a simple task the proper way”?

No. No, I didn’t. I wasn’t taught how to build a house or build a car — not in school, not in the neighborhood. I really believed in going through life with a goal, and I really wanted to help people, so I didn’t have any problem with the fact I did it the proper way.

How different was your life in Chicago from New York when you moved here? What was your experience like there different than what you’d had growing up in Brooklyn?

It was totally different. New York was a lot cheaper than living here. New York was a very safe, very stable city, and Chicago was a lot more dangerous than New York, but it was a lot more expensive. I’m glad I’m here now, and I can look back on that and say I had so many opportunities like working in fashion companies and being in a lot of those places, traveling all the time. So I’m thankful I’m still living in Chicago and working out.

I’m sure I won’t get my wish – there are enough people on this board who have asked many times to be on the list – but I’ll do it anyway.

If you ever wanted to give someone a ride, the idea of using Google Maps to find their precise location is not a bad one. And what a lot of people do when they are looking for a ride is check their phone and then pick someone up at a convenient location or something at a nearby stop – for my own part I use Google Maps and this is a way I can be very, very sure I am always nearby when I am looking for a ride.
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However, it’s a great idea

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