How do you draw Deadpool?

Is there a particular story thread or situation you’re using to fuel them? When I first started writing Deadpool, I had a vision of what the story would be before I started drawing it, but it hasn’t started until I start thinking and drawing the comic.”

One thing that’s always stood out about Deadpool’s dialogue is the way it references comic book heroes from long ago. “I used to say I was playing a video game and trying to get a game called ‘X-Com’ or ‘Army Men’ or whatever,” says Cullen. “Then I realized that I was going to make a game called Deadpool to match my dream. So there was a little bit of a cross-pollination in how I started. And I’ve picked the perfect Deadpool character. I love him as that sort of person. He’s the kind of character who can’t control his own emotions.”

With their love for both characters, the writers were able to make some creative choices for their book. The book’s first issue had the character running through a battle between Hydra and Deadpool’s allies, The Mercs for Money. “I thought Deadpool was so much more colorful and flamboyant than his Marvel counterpart,” says Cullen. “I also thought, when you get up close to Deadpool, you can hear and sense all of the subtle nuances in his nature. But when you actually meet him, you don’t. He’s very calm and introspective. So to me, that was a perfect foil for Deadpool.”

“He kind of embodies the opposite of every person on Earth,” says artist Chris Sims. “He has a lot of self-confidence. He has a lot of charisma and he has all sorts of strengths and weaknesses. He’s just that good.”

In a way, it’s almost like the writers realized that not all superhero stories have to revolve around superpowers like the X-Men, but instead could explore the relationships between characters in the book, as the team continues to build the mystery behind the character’s past. “We sort of realized as we were writing the Deadpool books in the middle of our run we couldn’t have that character in a certain spot for too long or he would get old too fast. I always said, ‘I’d love to write the book where the audience wants to see Deadpool do that or it doesn’t work out. It’s a different story for everybody. We can go further with this as a team and as individuals.'”

But even though they’re working together