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By: Alexey Yablokov | January 22, 2009 5:10 am ET
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Seth Rich is the killer, not the victim. But the media in general and mainstream news outlets in particular continue to treat his murder, and the ensuing cover-up, as being primarily about the Russians and his alleged leaking of embarrassing emails, rather than the death of an innocent young man who was gunned down in the middle of the night not far from the family home on the Northwest side of Washington D.C.

What does it say about our press that Rich’s murder – a death that would otherwise be an insignificant event for its own sake – has become a full-scale news event that is being covered in a way that implies a Russian conspiracy and therefore a conspiracy against him?

It says something much more that the media hasn’t taken a moment to question the validity of the Rich-leak theory as a way of getting at who murdered Rich.

Why doesn’t the media consider the conspiracy theories that are being spread about Rich? Consider this: This year alone, the Obama administration has already investigated and prosecuted some 800 people, including more than 40 media executives. Are you starting to see where this is going?

Consider this: On November 8, Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge interviewed “an FBI agent” who claims that he has reason to believe the White House was involved in the death of Rich and that “the White House may have known about the server but failed to tell Congress or the public about it.”

Herrington also claims “the Justice Department did not inform the DNC of why it was examining its computer, why it was examining the laptop, the server, because they did not want the details getting out to WikiLeaks,” which would not only have been damaging to Barack Obama’s political standing with the media – which was his real objective in hiring Herrington – but could have also resulted in the loss of a future job for Rich as well.

Why didn’t Herrington mention this possible connection in the very next quote? And when