How do you draw easy hair?

You just do! That’s what it’s all about.

It’s easy to draw easy hair. It’s just a matter of practice!

What are you waiting for? Come on, draw and show us what you’ve got!

Here to help? You can use any of the tools.

Hair: Why not draw a nice straight long hair?

Dress: Why not draw a skirt?

Do your hair, your dress, and now your hair (or dress) do you see?

Do you see me?

Hair: Why not draw an elegant long straight hair?

Dress: Why not draw a cute dress for Halloween?

Image copyright AP Image caption The protests against an economic policy that many believe is too friendly to Russia and rich nations, like China, led to several deaths in 2011

Russian opposition leaders have begun another round of mass protests against Vladimir Putin’s administration.

Activists on Sunday set up tents at different locations in protest-hit cities around Russia, including Moscow.

A second round of rallies in St Petersburg is planned for Sunday.

A poll this week showed 62% of Russians wanted Mr Putin to stand down. It was the highest in eight years.

He came second to the incumbent president Dmitry Medvedev in the last presidential elections in October.

But his approval rating fell from 73% in late November last year to less than 50%.

Mr Putin also came second in the recent local elections – a low point in his six years in power – but his approval rating has since improved to 72%, far above his record of around 50%.

car-sketch-tutorial-marcin-czajkowski.jpg 960×910 ピクセル(画像 ...
‘Tent city’

“The main goal is to take Putin’s presidential administration hostage in a way, a way that is so unbearable that everyone will think this is a revolution,” the Kremlin aide, Aleksey Pushkov, told Russian state TV on Sunday.

Image copyright AP Image caption Protests in St Petersburg saw protesters chanting “Putin out”

Image copyright AP Image caption A man looks on as demonstrators in Red Square gather outside the Kremlin as a new round of demonstrations begins

Image copyright AP Image caption Demonstrators in Moscow hold banners reading “Putin out”

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Protesters carry a banner in Moscow saying “Resign” during protests

Image copyright AFP Image caption Demonstrators protest in Moscow’s Red Square

“If Putin doesn’t resign, he will be