How do I market myself as a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Book Pdf

First, you need to define it: What does your film do? What’s it about, exactly? What do you want to communicate?

Then you need to market that to an audience: Show them that it meets their needs.

Then you need to find a public platform to communicate yourself.

Why do public platforms matter?

When the public sees you, they hear you! When you share your film on social media and your film is being watched by a group of people, you have people to back you and your business. That is an advantage.

Now, I am not saying that public platforms make it easy to market yourself, but rather that they allow you to find an audience quickly and effectively.

What’s a public platform?

The social platforms we have in the digital age — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — are a platform. They are a medium through which everyone, anywhere can connect. The platforms also allow others to connect to you, whether you’re pitching a new film to the public, a journalist for their news website, or a writer.

When you reach a public audience, you don’t have to say you’re coming to tell them the story. Instead, someone else says, “Hey, look, I’m a filmmaker!” “Oh, that’s cool,” and then someone clicks and finds a great project to cover.

So how do you market yourself in social media?

One key to your success, or failure, is to find a specific audience (the right kind of audience).

What is the ideal audience for a filmmaker?

This is the key question that everyone asks their filmmaker friends.

This is your marketing mission statement.

Find a group of experts you respect, with whom you can connect, share and explore your industry. Do a post about your business and show them your film. Invite them to participate in a review you have posted about your business on Facebook. Create a project-sharing group with a few other friends that you’re comfortable with.

So, what’s the point of your audience?

The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable audience for your business. What do you know about your audience? What are they passionate about? That takes knowledge, strategy and communication.

How do you find a group of experts you respect?

Your best bet is to find the closest people to you, in your industry, who don’t make their living on the internet (

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