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They had jobs for a reason. They weren’t there to be there and to be there for a job (and they may have been paid well), they weren’t there to get there, they were there for the feeling of being with a crowd, and the experience.

So to me, a woman with her long coat on in the hot sun in the middle of Manhattan Beach on a summer evening is not the sort of thing that a man would look upon as “doing it for the money”, and I also think of that woman with the long hatchet on when he looks at a woman getting out of a cab in a city that is rapidly changing, that is now, is it not a world that is changing? Where the middle class is disappearing, to the extent that people are no longer paying anything to own a house in the middle of nowhere, the working class is leaving.

Now, I’m only a man, but to the young women out there, who have never seen the middle class or not, it seems like they’re out there and they have to fight. We have to fight too, because that’s how we are. And that’s why women still do have jobs, and if they’re going to lose those jobs, they need to fight, and we are fighting for their rights, too.

This was originally published on the website of the American Feminist Association.

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