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What are the people saying? What are their expectations?” he said. “The problem that I see with all this is nobody’s really talking about what it is about.”

A group of students, one of his first college classmates and a former colleague, sat down in the middle of a crowded cafeteria, all wearing t-shirts and jeans.

As a group of about two dozen strangers, they had been invited to a town meeting at the college, whose president had asked them to discuss how they could get students to think about how their university had become a place for discrimination.

A professor and a professor — both black — were in the room, but no one else except for one black man, Mark Richey, 23, said they were invited.

A few hours later, Mr. Richey and the rest of 15 college students were among the 15 people charged with committing what authorities here call the second most deadly hate crime in American history last month.

A group of 10 black men and one woman sat in the middle of the empty cafeteria when they heard the shooting, said Jonathan L. Katz, an attorney who represents Mr. Richey in the civil rights case. But the group could not decide if they wanted to talk or whether they wanted to act.

Soon, Mr. Richey says, they sat down and they discussed why they were here.

The government’s $13 billion budget, due to go into effect in November, will see the government cut subsidies for the $20.9 billion in coal fired power stations scheduled to go online in the next few years. The proposed plan is expected to save $2 billion in electricity bills.

What is behind the proposed changes?

There are two main things behind the new government policy. First, the budget announced a new national Renewable Energy Target, which requires 50% renewable energy by 2035 (not just 30%). Secondly, new subsidies of $3.8 billion will be made available to new coal-fired power stations, which would then get the subsidy back through the same rate reduction scheme on the old ones.

Is renewable energy more expensive?

It varies widely for small power stations that are trying to transition to renewable energy (i.e., small-scale solar) compared to larger-scale coal-fired plants. In contrast to coal, where costs are relatively constant, large power plants that were developed with large subsidies in mind (i.e., large coal plants), will now see their

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