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The answer: yes, at first. But when you’ve got a job like this, you can’t afford to waste time with a pair of gloves! So many flappers would use a long rubber to hold the hair in place. They just don’t have time to get a rubber comb because they’re busy working! That’s when the flappers started experimenting with long, shiny gloves. Here’s how to design your own. How to make a long glove For those who still live in a time when flappers were wearing rubber gloves, the solution is simple — create your own. But before you do that, you need to understand how hair works. Hair works by contracting in different directions throughout your life. We have found a way to change this and make a good glove out of it. Hair does indeed stretch a lot over time. The easiest way to do this is to stretch the finger of the hand, then make some small curls. You’ll only have to do this a few times, so start with one hair and see how your wrist becomes longer and wider. Keep going until you create a small loop with your finger that pulls in every direction at the same time. That’s right, we’re going to stretch the wrist a little at a time, and once you’ve stretched the wrist enough, you’ll be able to bend it in any direction. So here’s how it’s done with flappers. First step: take a piece of hair, wrap it around a rubber glove as shown. Then stretch out every other way, starting with the first one. To start with, just go out with this one looped and twisting it with your finger. You’ll have to try a few times. The first time I did this it worked, but it wasn’t good enough, so I made another set. To make it work better again, it was important to stretch it out on both sides. When you get this right, you’ll feel it’s very strong and elastic when you bend it, so you need to practice to get them right. You can’t just bend it just a little. The other thing is to keep stretching until the rubber has no more hair. Then you can use it as the palm of your hand, or even put it in your pocket. But let’s be honest, those fingers are too delicate! Once you get this, you need to make lots of it! Don’t worry about your hand getting bigger, it will actually get smaller until you stop stretching it out too much! Make at least 40 hair pieces
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