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Some women became more assertive, others started playing roles they weren’t in before.

And many other things:

A larger number of women worked outside the home

Women spent more time with kids

More women worked in sales/administration fields

Women became more educated

Women became more entrepreneurial

Women entered male and clerical roles

It didn’t matter that they weren’t all women. It didn’t mean “Women don’t know it’s OK for them to be a housewife” or “WOMEN HAVE BEEN THRIVING ALL THEIR LIVES – JUST SO THEY CAN TAKE CHILDREN”

This isn’t because there weren’t women in history. The same can be said about many other periods. It’s just that women in those periods tend to have been the ones to get to the top.

How did women change the profession?
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How well does a woman’s role change with the changing roles of men and women? Does the gender make a difference?

I’ve made the same argument for the past 100 years or more, but I’ve been arguing it in a different context now.

I don’t have the time to write an entire book exploring it. The following is something I wrote in my recent book How Women Are Changing: A History of Women in Politics for a general introduction and history of the idea. I also want to give credit to several women who have written about it.

Most of the things I said apply here:

Women had the right to participate in politics

Women were granted the power to change politics

Women made political change, in and out of government, easier

Women helped make politics more responsive to voters and the public

What about the argument for a woman’s place on the jury in a court of law? There must be some evidence of “feminine” roles?

In my view, there is some evidence in the form of a few studies. More than a few. But if you look at the studies with more than one gender as the target population, you find that women are more willing to serve on a jury in a male-dominated context.

And in two of the studies on jurors, the sample size only had one gender. And one of the studies had two.

Why do those two studies show that men are more like to judge by gender, but not by case?

It might be an issue of

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