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Take up your arms and begin crunches, just the way they are supposed to be! When you feel that you’re ready, start the set of 10 with an easy set to failure. Do 10 more crunches.

That’s it.

Now go out and grab a bag of some weight and get in shape.

You should see some change.

I feel like I’ve finally hit bottom.

And then I’ll be back at it!

I’ll be back at it again next week, too!

Until next time!

Liam Neeson has a history of being called out for being a misogynistic, racist, bigoted jerk, and even a child molester. While he has always denied that that’s what he meant, and even went as far as to call himself an ally of women, it appears he didn’t stop the fact that he was upset some people didn’t see it that way.

On Wednesday, the Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor went on American TV show Inside Edition and took responsibility for the insensitive way he’s been treated since he made the controversial remarks about President Obama to Billy Bush, who was covering the Republican National Convention last week. Neeson also went on to deny that he believes George Zimmerman was racially profiled because of his Trayvon Martin shooting.

While he said he was shocked by the racist comments, he also suggested that the President isn’t entirely innocent in the case and that “the system works,” adding that he hoped the President would “set an example for this country.” He has also taken to saying that it’s because George Zimmerman was in a group of four who were all arrested — or, you know, “white people” — “and for them to get away so easily seems really racist to me.”

There was still some backlash for the comments, with some even calling for him to be fired. “I hope this is really going to send a message to American society and maybe we as a government can start being more proactive in what is a situation that’s still ongoing,” Neeson said during the interview, adding, “It’s not that we condone the violence. I would go as far as to say we support the right of people to express views they have. We just believe in freedom of speech.”

While Neeson did agree his comments were “really, really insensitive,” he wasn’t too worried that the situation would bring about a bigger uproar in the United States. ”

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