How do you dress like the 1920s? – Flapper Dress 2X

In the 1920s — people weren’t going to sit around and listen to people talking all the time. So I had to dress up in something other than just my work outfit [during the 1920s]. I did a little bit of a ‘goth’ look. It was more of a ’20s-based look; I wore jeans and a dark jacket or even a short-sleeved shirt. I had a good idea that I was one of the very lucky ones — you know, someone like Edith Piaf, or this little girl from Chicago who didn’t have it good. But what they did want was what they did — for the good of what they wanted, you know?

It was this great era of fashion. The idea that you can dress well and look glamorous and be completely original, while also getting paid, that was the whole point that people were looking forward to in the 1920s; because the only thing that was really the same was the fact that it was really glamorous — you know, there was really nothing that was unique about it. You really didn’t dress well in the 1920s because you couldn’t really afford what you were wearing, to be honest. I’m not even going to pretend that there was something about that period that wasn’t sexy — it was sexy because it didn’t match your family, and everybody was looking to get away from their families.

The idea that there could be something new to wear at any time was so exciting to people at the time. If everyone was looking to escape from one thing, then everybody was going to try and get away from those things and find something that was a little more different that was just out of the ordinary.

You were a singer — why a singer?

1920s Dresses & Flapper-Inspired Fashion – Unique Vintage

That’s all I know . . . but anyway, just me?

That’s true.

I had my own band for a while, after I’d done what I did and started to go out to the bars and drink and go to parties and things. But at the same time I had an idea to do a Broadway musical. And the idea was that it would be about three women working in New York in the 1920s, all in high position.

So I was trying to get it off the ground at that time [in the 1920s]. But it didn’t do well. I had a great idea for the musical, but it didn’t work out, I guess due to the fact that not only

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