How do you do finger waves in short hair?

If you keep doing your standard routine of blowing your hair out it will get thick and long and it will feel so good. But I’m going to give you an example of what does NOT work. My short ponytail goes up in bunches, then I blow it out and it comes back down in short waves. The first time this happened I did something wrong. I’m not going to name names, but I think it was because I hadn’t tried my standard routines. I was just doing my standard hair routine. The first time I got the short waves, it almost got infected, like it had a bad infection or something. It had to be done again. I just didn’t think I should be doing it. It would just get infected.

What I learned from that was I had to find the right amount of blow-away blowouts. I started doing it in every blowout. Then I found out you need to do 2 waves in every blowdown, so it gets really, really thick over time.

But you had to get the right amount of blowout blowouts? That’s insane – that’s insane!

It is. That’s the first time I thought it was working. I remember thinking when I was doing some tutorials that maybe the extra waves I was doing wasn’t taking advantage of my hair’s natural curl. So I started doing it again.
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It was still short and thick, but just in front, in a line with lots of air flow and not having the bun of my typical ponytail. It’s a different look and it works better. That’s what I do with my short ponytail. I can do very thick, tight curls, but that’s so hard to pull off if you’re doing it at the top. That’s why I’m doing my short waves. They give me this little bonus. I want to be able to curl those.

So let’s go back to your own hair. Before we do your normal hair routine now go back to your own hair routine. What are some of the things you changed?

I kept it very much the same. At first, it just made it feel weird and awkward. I didn’t know why it was that way. It just hurt. So I was like, “Oh god, this is so painful.” I had to try again. I was like it’s not that I can’t curl this, or my hair’s fine. I don’t know how you curl this.