What is a Gatsby theme?

Is it a reference to the film, or just a coincidence?

There’s a Gatsby theme in the movie, sure. It’s a film about the man who lived in Gatsby’s house, and the people who lived in the houses just behind the house. I’ve written several songs about Gatsby’s house, and about the people who lived behind and above his house. One was called “The Gatsby” and was a parody of the song “The Gatz”, that was written in 1974 by Neil Diamond, one of the lead singers on the classic rock band, GATSBY.

What are some of your favorite books and movies in general? Who would be your favorite movie star?

I love every movie that’s been made. Most every movie in my genre, and pretty much any movie is a favorite of mine. I love the old classic Westerns, the comedy Westerns, the science fiction genre, and the horror genre. I love to listen to musicals, especially anything that has the characters doing the things that I want to hear in movies.

Favorite novel?

I like to read, and I’m very happy with books that are contemporary. I always try to read what people who are talking about what’s going on around me are talking about. That way, when they talk about it, I can understand what they’re talking about and I’m able to take it from there. I like to read a lot of novels, especially novels about young people going through a transition and trying to make sense of it.

Favorite TV show? How about movies?

That’s a good one. That’s really hard to answer. I have some favorite TV but it’s hard to choose. I like a lot of TV, but I also really love watching movies!

Favorite musical?

I love jazz, and I love opera, but I’ve never fallen off the bandwagon because of musical theater. I think that just because it’s been around for a while doesn’t mean that it’s automatically good. It just takes a certain kind of personality to like it. I like to listen to an opera or play a movie with music when I’m in the theater and be influenced by it. I think a lot of the movies that people love just have that “magic moment” of the magic music. There’s a magic moment when you notice something, and that’s the point where the film works for me. I would also like to read