How do you dress like the 1920s? – Retro Stage Reviews

Do wear a velvet trenchcoat, and don’t wear too much makeup… or is that not “modern”? I have been seeing this type of dress as the norm among the working classes in America in the 1950s, and the modern era is when I actually have felt modern. 
For a fashion point of view, it makes sense for a man with no formal education to spend his working hours in a basement or office and then go out and party at night. However, in a world filled with thousands of people wearing different outfits, and you are not going to be the one that can make out which is your favorite.
You are not going to dress like Elvis. 
Or even a movie star. 
No, you are going to dress like you are a working class. 
In a way, this gives you an opportunity to see things like the old school, and realize that it is no different. I am sure everyone that is reading this is one of those guys. We are all trying to look modern, and we all want to be noticed, and that is how we get our status, and that is how we get our money, and that is how we get our status. If everyone is trying to emulate your style, you are probably not as original or as good as a person like Elvis. 
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What about the guys that want to look hip, but also play hard and dress cool? I like to dress hip because it seems like a trend. It fits how I feel and how I am used to and that lets me be a part of the hipster culture. In a way, the hipster culture is just me trying to look cool. If I was that fashion model, what would it be? Would I dress like a cool guy or like a hip guy?

I know, that is the problem with a lot of men. They think that by dressing like me, that somehow we have to be hip. 
There is truth to that, but in most cases, it isn’t true, and it doesn’t matter how cool you are if you are not able to take off your clothes at this point.
If I took off my jeans, my sweatpants, my t-shirt, my boots, my socks, my hat, even my bra, I will feel very plain. I won’t go out and dance around, I won’t do anything. That is how it is and I will still go out at night (after dark) and I will still have no problem looking

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