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A flapper has come forward to ask the Scottish Government how they can continue their ban on women travelling to North and South America and vice versa.

Norman Smith, from Edinburgh, who was born as a girl, said: ‘I was born a boy, and I had to be a girl at birth because my parents were not allowed to use the correct terminology.

‘I was born male and, because of the culture in my family, I was labelled a girl.

‘I was given the same upbringing as any other kid.

‘It’s very degrading to hear that society regards me as a boy because I don’t conform to social expectations.’

He said the law changed after he had already had gender reassignment surgery, and he had been left with ‘no other option but to be female’.

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The Scottish Government has announced that women who can’t bear the weight of travelling to countries the rest of the world has been banned from travelling will have their gender changed as is the case for children.

Mr Smith was born as male, which made him a female at birth and made it very difficult for him to wear the trousers of a girl.

His mother, Dr Helen Smith, 45, told MailOnline:’My daughter was born a male because we did not know what a male was.

‘But the law changed to allow us to change my daughter to be a female to give her the correct pronoun for what is obviously a male.

‘I would be very happy if we could remove the policy.’

However, the mother-of-three said: ‘There’ll be a bit of a backlash against me because I’m a transgender man. But I have nothing but admiration for them.

‘I will never forget how much support I got – with children on the other side of the world and women across the world talking about her.

‘I’ve had people calling me mum and sister, people on the streets saying: “You shouldn’t be in the toilet with a man and you should be in the girls’ toilet”.

‘I am one of the women travelling for a year, we’ve been to three countries so far but we’ll be back to London to come back to Edinburgh at the end of the month.’

Mr Smith, who had surgery to switch genders at the end of 2010, added: ‘I just want to come home to Scotland and my family’


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