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A toilet flapper is a “special toilet flapper” that can be bought with either regular or special toilet flapper charges. The basic cost is 1% of the normal rate. There is a special option available where the regular charge is reduced by 10% to 5% and the special charge is reduced by 10% to 25%. Both options are available for the regular charge. There is not a ‘special’ option as the charge applies to those who already have a lower price.

When a toilet flapper is replaced a toilet flapper charge will always remain in effect. However if there are several flappers in the household the charge will only take effect if the highest-priced one is removed by the householder. If more than one toilet flapper is missing or has been replaced there is one toilet flapper charge per each missing or replaced toilet flapper to apply to the next householder. This is how the toilet flapper charge goes out of circulation – the ‘price’ of flappers is reduced by 10% until it has ‘removed’ from the household for the next householder.

The current rate is 3.6% of the toilet flapper prices for regular flappers and 15% of 3.6% for special flappers.

Can I use the toilet flapper discount at supermarkets?

Yes, we have carried out tests in supermarkets on three times before and have come up with a solution that works. See Tesco Discounts for more information.

The toilet flapper charge will not be applied as the regular rate for supermarkets will apply to the standard rate (see below). The reason is that the standard charge for the standard charge only varies on a Saturday 1st October and a Sunday 1st November. The toilet flapper discount is therefore not appropriate on any Saturday. This means that the only supermarket that you will be able to see the discount is Tesco.

The standard charge will remain at the regular rate until a toilet flapper is given a special discount.
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