How much does a toilet flapper cost?

A toilet flapper or toilet dancer costs around £30-£60 (depending on the size of the flapper) but the actual cost varies, especially if you’re using the flapper in your own toilet. The most common toilet flapper that you’ll find on the market today is called the Hoka One One, from Toto. It’s a Japanese toilet flapper which costs £15 to £18 depending on which brand you’re using. The Hoka One One is a pretty basic version of the Flapper. It does offer a lot more options than say, the “Toto” version. Other than the size of the flapper you choose, there is a lot more to think about.

The size of the flapper can affect the overall cost of your purchase depending on how big your toilet flap is. If it’s wider with a few slits on the sides, that’s a lot of flaps. If it’s narrow, there won’t be a lot of slots on the sides and they might be uncomfortable at times. If both of you have similar sized flaps, they are usually cheaper together, but if you have a flapper the size of the other and have different sized flaps, then you may end up paying a different amount too.

How to make your toilet flapper look like a sexy outfit?

Once set up, there are some things that you need to do to make your toilet flapper look extra sexy. These three things are things that make up the look that you want if you’re choosing a toilet flapper.

1. Make it look like a lingerie item

The first thing you want to think about when you’re deciding on which style of flapper to choose is whether or not you want the person wearing it to notice its size – if you wear it as a top it will probably be a bit noticeable when you get wet. The biggest tip for the person walking by is this:

If you have a tiny flapper, it might be hard to make out the detail on your underwear, so make sure you look good all the way to the front and back so they can’t decide your size in advance. Remember that flappers will look smaller on those who have more body type than you (i.e. more muscular men and people with flat bellies) so make sure you wear an extra large size if you decide to take your toilet flapper with a more athletic make up!

Also make sure you