What did Ladies Wear in the 1920s?

The 1920s was the decade in which women were still working indoors and with their hands. It was the century in which women began wearing makeup, which was not as big a sensation in the 20th century as it had been a century earlier, but still is today. The women who started to wear makeup wore it during their days in work, sometimes to try it on before going out into the world, sometimes as a statement of independence and defiance, sometimes in order not to be mocked.

This picture of a lady wearing lipstick in a 1920s magazine, was used by the advertising industry in their TV campaigns and in their advertising messages. The first lipstick ads were not for women at all – they had to be for men (although not so many men actually wore lipstick) because men would be too stupid to do anything to women. The makeup ads were done by one or more of the following companies: Lippons, Shapleigh, Marlboro, and Dettol. By 1926, there were almost 100,000 adverts for makeup in the United States alone.

A number of companies began their TV ads with makeup for women. The first one was one that featured a middle-aged woman in a bathtub. She wore a short dress and a dark hat, her face and lips painted. In the ads, she is shown wearing a lipstick smeared on a cigarette case. Later ads showed women wearing cosmetics as part of their everyday routines. There were also some women in the ads wearing lipstick for a particular brand, like Gatorade or Pernod.


Lipstick was used for a number of different reasons during the 1920s and 30s. Many women tried it to make sure their lip color was still as bright as possible, and to cover up blemishes that might appear on their lips, such as sun scars. There were also some women who used lipsticks to cover up pimples because they feared people would judge them negatively for wearing lipstick while they were ill, including having pimples themselves.

Women who were pregnant or breastfeeding were not supposed to use lipsticks for this reason. Lipstick is supposed to be used as a medicine and not for cosmetic reasons; a man’s lips were used to create a healthy, natural look. They tried to hide away pimples by using concealers and lipsticks. But by the time women reached manhood, they weren’t allowed to use lipstick under a skirt anymore because it was too obvious. So some