What are 5 words to describe a flapper?

A librarian? A hippy? A feminist? A slut?

“It’s a matter of the individual artist, and we must also recognise that these people have different backgrounds,” she said.

“They have different interests. But it is very important for us to have the right kind of environment, to make sure there are positive messages, not only for our customers, but also for our staff, so that we can have a good atmosphere.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It is not the number of words that define a flapper, but the way her outfit is displayed

Image copyright AP PHOTO/TOLEDO CHRONICLE Image caption Not everyone in these flapper outfits is a flapper. “We’re trying to make the ‘outfit’ feel like the character,” says Linda Oates

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A lot of dresses have a bit of ‘bronzing’ (that is, the addition of lots of metal to a dress). Not everyone does

As much as she does see her job as “telling people what they’re doing wrong”, Ms Dillard is also concerned about the influence that certain words can have.

“What people are saying in these conversations matters,” she said. “The words we have heard and used have been used to marginalise, demean and trivialise people.”

On her dress-up day in Reno, Nevada, Ms Dillard sees the dress-up trend taking off in different parts of the US.

Unique Vintage Veronique Red & Black Plus Size Flapper Dress
She finds it “quite sad” that there is currently no legal restrictions on wearing outfits that include items of clothing from both the male and female gender.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The fashion magazine Vogue has taken note of the trend

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption One of the new flapper outfits (pictured above) shows a woman wearing a blue dress with a green skirt

But Ms Dillard’s message is clear – that these outfits are fun, and you should do it.

“I hope that people are learning that a really lovely flapper outfit isn’t about getting it right or looking nice,” Ms Dillard said. “It’s about being yourself, in a fun way, with style.”

Do you wear skirts and dresses this term? Does it matter?

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