What shoes go with a flapper dress?

It’s not the classic black ballet flats the girls wear. It’s the simple, white sneakers the boys wear.

“The girls have a more feminine silhouette.”

So then why choose those flapper flats over more conservative black shoes?

The answer is the clothes have been designed to “dress up” a flapper dress. They are a little “blend in” with the dress.

“Some dresses will have heels, a little something like a knee (high). And I think sometimes we want to make an outfit look nice and ‘blend in,’ so they can wear it without looking all ‘too dressy.'”

A classic black dress with a black lace up or flapper flats with flat heels.

But there is also the fact that girls in the 1930s were more likely to wear traditional dresses with heels. It’s not just because it makes you look more appealing; it’s a bit of a psychological “blend in” as well.
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The girls’ look was also made to be more contemporary, not just the 1930s, but also the early 1940s.

“For us modern girls from the late ’50s the dress was still kind of “old fashioned” with the long skirt and skirt,” says Beadle.

Girls were wearing the same dresses.

“I think with the flapper dress, it’s a way to dress up the flapper dress – sort of to make it a little bit more contemporary and still look sexy.”

But not all girls are so “modern” in the 1930s. And there is a reason that “blend in” can sometimes be seen as “too modern” even when it is intended to be more “sophisticated.”

Women in the 1930s were still in the “second wave” of feminism, and they wanted to dress more “feminine.”

“Women were trying to look their own way, not a kind of feminine-looking type.”

Because at the time women were often seen wearing skirts that barely reached their knees, and had to be hemmed to show off their legs. And the men who dressed them were more likely to be “real men,” so there was more emphasis on dressing a lot of “man things,” like flamboyant hats and hats with tails.

Women didn’t like to wear too much clothing all the time, and that is the reason why flapper flats are the most versatile fashion footwear of all