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The earliest recorded use of the word “flapper,” as in the word “flapper dandy,” dates from the late 18th Century. However, the first flapper was probably Sarah Johnson, whose character was inspired by a female character called “Miss Flapper.” She appeared in various comic novels and magazine strip series in the early 20th Century, the most famous of which was the 1892 illustrated book by Joseph A. Baker, Jr. The popular character became very popular with young women during this time and was frequently used in the comic strip that was the beginning of flapperdom in the United States. In addition, the character was named and published in the New York magazine, The New Republic, in 1904 and in a 1907 comic strip titled “Miss Flapper.” The name was eventually given to the character in the 1960’s when comic book writer Al Jolson incorporated the name in his popular character in the movie, “Miss Sore Throat”.

What do the words, “flapper,” “flapper girl,” and, “flapper” mean? They’ve all become popular over the past ten years in reference to the movie, “Miss Flapper.” What’s the meaning behind the phrase/words? And is this character considered a flapper or a flapper girl?

The character “Miss Flapper” was a fictional female character based on a fictional female character named Sarah Johnson. She appeared in comic books, comic strip, and magazine strips from the 1830’s until 1892. At that time, flappers were known as “little flappers” or “girl who flaps.” The name was originally given to the character by her author/illustrator Joseph A. Baker Jr., as did the comic strip style and the female character’s name, “Miss Flapper.” The character was also named and published in a 1907 “New York magazine” article on the flapper’s use of women’s magazines and the magazine was called “Miss Flapper.” (The original title, “Miss Sore Throat.” or, the book and magazine cover.) The title is still being used by bookstores to sell “Miss Sore Throat,” as well as some magazines and the New York magazine. This is the name that is typically linked with the character today. Most of the other characters named in the movie series appear to be referred to as “flapper” or “flapper girl,” which are generally all-female groups that flutter in place or dance in the street. Since the

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