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The women who were fashionable in the 1920s were women in dresses to represent a number of different things:

Attire that could be dressed up or down, which made them a symbol of a range of feelings.

The fact they were often the ones who carried out menial tasks such as cleaning, cooking, shopping or helping on the farm or in the household.

The fact that their clothes were more feminine than most men’s clothing that year – and that they were a major part of the image of the woman who worked (as evidenced by the lack of men in trousers while their dresses were very much on show).

Ladies were also seen through a number of different cultural filters.

For instance:

The fact that they dressed up for holidays, funerals and special occasions;

The fact that they also wore the skirts and dresses of other women who wore them in public, showing that all women, regardless of social status, dress in different ways, but that dressing down is not a sign of social inferiority.

Ladies wore their skirts with high heels.

In other words: dressing up gave women the ability to dress up; they did not have to resort to the more vulgar methods of wearing their dresses with high heels.

What did women wear under their dresses? In fact: women’s clothing was a vast ocean of ideas and varied in colour, designs and patterns. (But keep in mind that women’s skirts could still be of all shapes, sizes and colours.)

Some of these are clearly seen as feminist, such as skirts, corsets, stockings and knickers. (See below)

Ladies’ Clothing in pictures:

Sleek, sexy, and feminine

The modern-day version of the 1920s lace bodice, from the mid-1920s to the 1930s: a new lace style developed in the fashion world.

Ladies’ dress from a 1920s show

A Victorian lace gown is also a staple of the 1920s fashion world – although some women don’t choose to wear it for comfort reasons, preferring to wear their dresses to show off their sexuality (as I have written more about before).

In particular, an all lace bodice was popular in the 20s and 30s: the bodice was used to show off women’s soft body parts, such as big boobs, waist, buttocks and legs.

Another element of the 1920s lace bod

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