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Image caption The US wants to increase the number of unmanned aircraft in use

The House of Representatives has voted to support the first-ever plan to deploy drones to investigate natural disasters and save lives.

The bill, which cleared the House in a largely party-line vote, would enable the US to operate drones for search and rescue operations if approved by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Opponents called the plan “unbelievably dangerous”.

Democratic senator Barbara Boxer, who supported the bill on procedural grounds, said it risked “wasting money that could be put to better use”.

A congressional vote on the bill is scheduled for 1 December.

‘Extremely dangerous’

The bill will now move to a Senate committee before going to President Barack Obama to be signed into law.

The bill seeks to enable “drone operators, including a member of the US Armed Forces, to carry out search and rescue missions in the case of a natural disaster, biological or chemical crisis, or terrorist attack”.

It includes an extensive provision for the military to deploy special operations forces to capture “an enemy combatant within the United States, with a plan for a captured insurgent to be interrogated and held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation without charge.”

However, the bill does not include the provision for a civilian operator to be able to participate, which it would require in the Senate. The final bill is scheduled to be introduced in the Senate next


Democratic senator Edward Markey, who supported the bill on procedural grounds, told the BBC that it risked “wasting money that could be put to better use”, describing the provision “unbelievably dangerous”.

Senators who supported the bill on procedural grounds, including Ron Wyden and Patrick Leahy, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr Markey told the BBC the bill “will have to be examined and amended”.

‘Serious concern’

While the bill is intended for a civilian purpose, Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have said it could end up being used for surveillance or attack against other countries, including Iran.

Image copyright EPA Image caption The proposed legislation is expected to be introduced next week

Senator Ted Cruz, who opposed the bill, urged the Senate to reject the bill.

“Congress has a serious concern when it comes to the President placing armed drones over the American homeland, as he has consistently done since the election

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