What colors were popular in the 70s? – Cheap Black Flapper Dresses

Is it still popular in the current era: 1970s or now? It turns out that many brands were trying to do things a little weird. Here’s what they’d do:

Gothic Colors:

There were really only two popular colors for vintage denim. The first, black, is what people will be familiar with, if you aren’t familiar with it, from the 80s. But, it’s not a very recognizable color; it looks black on you because it is black. A good example of this was Levi’s, who had a limited amount of black denim on their line in the late 1960s to 1970s.

The second color that did well was dark brown or brownish-gray (the exact shade of brown will vary in the dyeing process). Because these colors were really popular in the ’70s, it’s really hard to find one color that looks similar. You’ll see lots of brown, a lot of black, and a little bit of brownish-gray. This is what everyone will recognize:

Candy Brown

It was so popular in the ’70s that it got its own name: Candy Brown, which was a color for women in the ’60s and ’70s that would have been considered a little odd back then. Women really liked candy browns; their boyfriends didn’t, and it was not a very masculine color, so they liked it.


This one wasn’t popular in the ’70s. It came out of the 80s as a new, darker color, but you could still find it in the 80s. The first brand to use it as a new, darker color was Levi’s. Not so much candy brown as it was black.

Dark Green and Burgundy
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Not so much as Candy Brown, but not a bad color, either.

Black/Candy Brown

Another color that didn’t last as long as candybrown, or Dark Green & Burgundy. The original one used dark brown. So, you’d have dark brown jeans in the 80s where those two colors were still popular. But, they’re a bit more obscure.


Another color that wasn’t popular in the 80s when they did it was black/chambray, which was a dark brown color, in the ’70s. The ’80s brand had another darker color for their Chambray label, it has been described as very

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