What colors were popular in the 1980’s?

Black. I don’t even remember these colors. It’s all black and white. We used to shoot with these big, bright green film cameras. A lot of it was just shooting at night, in front of mirrors.

Can you remember your first major hit?

I think it was “Chrysalis’ – it was written by the British singer Mary Jus’ – in 1984. We were in London, rehearsing in the studios and a producer had some footage where he was talking to her, you know. He was asking for a video of her voice over a song, but I thought that she sounded really weird. And I played the video to them, and he was like, I don’t know how much this lady can sing, but I think she sounds pretty okay.

Is that what made you want to record music for your second album in the States? Was it a dream come true?

I mean, I never would have dreamed I’d be back here. We just got the job. No, not in any dream form of mind. That was just something that happened. We were hired to record the album. We were playing with these big big sound machines, and we were all singing. And he just had to shut our machines off. He didn’t want to hear them. And it was really nerve-wracking for us. But we were like, oh, now that’s what I do. I’ve never had to shut my machine off.

What’s a typical day like on the road? Do you have to plan?

I mean, the whole time we’re here, it’s very tight. Everything I do or say is very tightly choreographed with my people. We get in line every three, four minutes. And we really try to have as small a footprint as possible so that there’s very little space left to say anything in person.

The band is comprised of some familiar names to most fans, but is it difficult to keep track?

There’s no confusion. There’s just no confusion. We’re all different from each other. Every one.

Are you guys always on the road?

Well there’s a few days where we’re not. The only time we’re on the road we’re rehearsing and we’re doing a recording or we’re on tour or we’re in the gym working out. The two days a year we’re home alone. You know, just the two of us.