Whats a flapper in a toilet?

A female flapper or flapper wearing a long coat over shorts is in fact a ‘slapper’, or, as some people say, a ‘cousin’, with a name that means ‘half-nude’ – ‘slapper’ being the English term for a half-dressed female.

The female flapper is typically either blonde, brunette or redhead and is usually seen in her home town or on occasion with a man.

The woman who looks like she might be a flapper has a ‘half-nude’ figure, but she is still sexually attractive

A flapper’s long blonde hair helps to emphasise a woman’s feminine sides

Many men, and even some women, view a flapper as an attractive alternative to being naked.

This is because she has the same look and attitude as a woman who has been dressed modestly but for some men it is enough to make their penis hard.

FLEWMASTER, FLEWMASTER AND FLANGER: WHAT TO DO IF A ‘FLAPPER’ TOUCHES YOU Flappers love to flirt because, unlike most women, they don’t worry about what others think or what they look like. But why should you do your best to avoid being approached? The biggest danger a flapper poses is that her eye contact might distract you – you can’t just glance at another person’s crotch without any consideration!

Many men, and even some women, view a flapper as an attractive alternative to being naked.

It is also thought that flappers were attracted to the men who wore the dress, rather than the women.

One study found two thirds of flappers looked for male partners after having been flaunted their naked breasts on the streets of San Francisco!

The study, carried out by San Francisco-based graphic design firm, KG and commissioned by the website FlapperNews last year, suggests many men do see flapper women as sexy.

They also think of them as attractive, so women with the same face shape, but different hair colours, will be accepted better.

Women with shorter hair will also be seen as less threatening.

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Flamboyant: Women with shorter hair are often thought of as less threatening

The flapper’s ‘half-nude’ figure accentuates a woman’s feminine sides and is therefore thought to be more attractive

But the study also suggests that as it is