What did Ladies Wear in the 1920s?

Well, most of the clothes that were made in the 1920s were not cheap, by the time people were buying them, but rather, the clothes that were made, were expensive and the women of the day were wearing lots of them.
In the 1920s there still weren’t lots of opportunities for women to make money. So people made the best that they could. So that means clothes that cost thousands of dollars, but the women of the day could get it done really cheaply and still get it done. The way the industry was set up, people like Mrs. Drexler were the ones who were the real leaders in all of this. She and other girls used their knowledge to help their brothers and sisters that were making the money.
Women's Sequin & Fringe Black Flapper Dress Costume
When I started sewing the 1920s, I had no idea that the same process and technique I was following could make some amazing gowns. I knew that I didn’t need to think about making money for myself, but I did know I needed to do it for others. I needed to put my heart and soul into doing as little thinking as possible, but trying to do whatever was most important to me.
The first one I remember that was special for me was an American flag dress that came from a postcard. I had no idea that it was special, and I went to go get it made. I got the dress and when I got home I had no idea that this would become like my life.
In addition to these fabrics I had some other items that I wanted to make, but I didn’t have time. I had too many other things I had to finish that I wanted to do. So, I took my little collection to a shop where everything was made, and every time the owner made something for anyone else, I would buy it the next day. That allowed me time to do what I wanted to do and to see what else I could do, so these made up my first collection.
My first one was a beautiful French gala, but it was really hard to make in this particular time. After I had it made for a woman in Paris, that was where I set my sights. I made two dresses, one was a bustier I made for a French opera singer who was performing in Paris in 1924, and the other one was a gown that was made in Japan. That was the first dress that I made for anyone else who ever wore it.

I made the most amazing things, and in 1924 there was an ad from a sewing company