What is a Gatsby theme?

A Gatsby theme is a single color on the surface of a painting, or a color in a painting on the back of a piece of paper. Gatsby has a motif and a color scheme that was not widely known in 1910. The theme of this painting is the car. Gatsby did not paint a Gatsby car to make money while at the same time selling the car to himself. Gatsby had the motif of a car in his drawing of the theme of the car.

One of the many things that was a bit surprising about what was being sold as a new Android phone was the inclusion of a high-end, Android 4.2.2 update for the Nexus 5X — not the 4.4.2 update that was rolled out to the Nexus 6P. We’re using an older Android variant at this point, so perhaps some of that has changed. But it still seems odd that the same device — an Android-powered, $479 phone that runs Jelly Bean 5.0 — didn’t get a major Android upgrade.

The fact that it didn’t seems at first to point to some sort of hardware problem with the 5X, which we’ve written about before. That was a device for people who wanted a big phone, a device that would take them places on their smart phones, and one that would not make their lives any different to the Nexus 5 — so why didn’t it receive update after update?

Well, we’ve gotten some very good info as to why it didn’t get the update from Google itself. It’s because it does, indeed, run the latest Android version — 4.2.2.

As we noted previously, the big difference between Android 4.2.2 and this latest release of Android is how a user installs the software on the device. Basically, Android 4.3 is Android 4.2. It’s an upgrade (up to 4.2.2; there’s a new security patch to play with if you can’t wait that long) and also an OS downgrade — the latter of which is a bit of a red herring.

This latest Android version doesn’t wipe out all your installed apps and data — that would take too long — but it does bring a major upgrade to the phone itself. So if the Nexus 5X didn’t update to the latest version of Android, it really didn’t need to — and that’s why it didn’t.

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