What did real flappers wear? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves

In a classic example of blackface, they could be shown in a cartoonist-esque style, making their faces a dull, black color. Some were played with the colors of the black cloth used for their hats as well.

The Flapper Dress

The Flapper Dress was a colorful dress that the flapping flappers used in their costume. It was often shown on top of a black cloak. This one was pictured here.

The Flapper Shirt

The shirt came in a variety of colors. Here it is pictured under this black cloak. It was used for all of the time, but the colors might be very different. Here is that one showing the color. On top of a black cloak.

The Flapper Jacket

The Flapper Jacket was a dark suit with a long collar. The jacket was usually black so the light would show through it. In one illustration showing the jacket it just shows the color.

The Flapper Dress

The Flapper Dress was a colorful dress that the flappers wore during all of the time. This one pictured here.

The Flapper Shoes

This was an all black dress and shoes combination.

See more examples here.

The Ladies Dancers (Dancers from the “Flappers and Flats” Show)

Women dancers were also seen in Flappers and Flats. The dancers would move about with their costumes. In this illustration, you can see the ladies dancing at the end of the show.

This was another drawing of the ladies. In this one we have the lady’s black hair. It also shows their long dresses and the black cloak that they were wearing.

Some of the ladies show where flappers and flats were shown with them. The Ladies in the Top are:

Liza, Margaret, and Mabel (Mabel the woman who started the Flapper Show)

Flap Lady (Mary Ann Flap Lady)

Alicia (Alicia Flap Lady)

Dolly (Dolly Flap Lady)

Greta (Grace Flap Lady)

The Flappers and Flats was a weekly TV program that started in 1940. They did the very popular dance show known for it’s flapping and flapping. In this television show, the women in black hats and dresses flapped around and played dance around and they danced and flapped for a living for the whole program.


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