What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – Flapper Costume Diy

I feel all flappers should have 5 words.

Flappers can be found all over the country today, from the small southern towns of Kentucky and Tennessee to the big mountain towns of Montana and Oklahoma to the very big cities of New York.

Flappers are a diverse bunch, but all have one thing in common: they love their country and their style. Flappers embrace the timeless American lifestyle that is about family, country music and the culture of country. Flappers are as American as apple pie, and just as beautiful as the people that own them.

They want a life where you can enjoy everything in life with the freedom you find right before you die.

From the moment you step on stage, it’s your turn to live it up, and the only way to give it to them in the most authentic way possible is by dancing like a flapper.

So, get out there and experience Flapper’s Country Dancing like never before!

Our flapper dance classes take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We start at 9:15 AM with a basic dance, followed by 2 hours of fun, music and excitement.

Call now to reserve your place today!

Call today to reserve your place today!

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