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She’s an object of the men’s desire, of course. But this has nothing to do with her as a woman. It has everything to do with her being a person, as they put it. When I was a boy and a flapper, I’d get together with boys in the street and talk to them for hours about life and sex…I had great sex; I had nothing to do with men; I was just a flapper…

In her youth, she was an all-female team of “flappers,” in which she was a team leader, a cheerleader, a model, a social worker and, eventually, an actress. The very name of the movement – a feminist one – was based on her.

How did this name become “feminism” and “political correctness?”

There is something that happened that nobody talked about, but did happen. The girls would do their dances, and women would come to the stage, and the ladies would put on their masks and act this way.

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They would put on the dresses and act this way. The dance and the acting and the costume – it’s just something that happened on the way to the big party, that didn’t become part of the story until many years later – until the first movie.

Is there a political context to this?

No, I don’t think so! There was an issue. Something happened that, for me, was very powerful. But that is not at all the thing that caused feminism. It was just an effect; it was not the thing that set it off. My point is that I think about those things that happened 50, 100, 150 years ago and then we’re not allowed to talk about them any more. But that’s not the point I want to make.

My point is that there was an issue. The girls had the choice to wear their uniforms and have sex; the rest of us had to go to sleep without clothes. But the story – the movie – is about a story about a story of women who have this choice.

This whole story of the movie is the story of a woman who is made to feel, to want and to do everything. I call it “The Flapper Girl’s Story.” But we aren’t allowed to talk about that. I’m afraid it’s a problem to discuss this story because it’s too powerful. All of us, especially those who like to make movies, are afraid that we have to deal all

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