What do you wear to a Great Gatsby party? – Cheap Black Flapper Dress

I wear a black turtleneck, a white blazer and a black choker with black lace, gold buttons, a black bow by the button holes and gold-colored buttons. I’ve also got a blue suede pants suit on because it’s summertime so the weather is so gorgeous!

What’s your most recent fashion trend?

It’s like how I dressed when I first started working a decade ago! I think my most recent favorite was the corset!

Where do you get the inspiration?

I buy clothes from the thrift stores and then buy my clothes online from Fashionably I like the vintage vibe of the clothes and it’s perfect for summer because it’s cool to have a bit of fun.

How did you get into sewing?

I first started sewing when I was a teenager because I was so shy and had big shoes so I learned how to sew. It’s fun and empowering and I have found that it helps me relax and connect with other people.

What makes you happy?

I guess being able to see my own clothes and the person that’s wearing them make me happy. It’s fun for me and for them. I’m happy to be able to look at my self-made clothes and see how they look on me, not a store that I bought, which makes me super comfortable!

Where do you think you’ll be in 7 years?

I just want to enjoy what I did with my time, to enjoy this wonderful moment when I’ve put myself together and do things that I like doing. I’ll also look back and say that I’ve spent so many years on the sidelines and didn’t have anywhere to go. I’ve been kind of working at this in a very temporary way.

What’s the secret to keeping your hair so short?

I know that my hair doesn’t look so great and I have a lot of short and thick hair that’s really hard to control. It keeps falling out, so I’ve been using my hair straightener! I also try to get my curls to look longer on purpose so I can do the tricks.

How often do you wash your hair?

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I’ll wash my hair three to five times throughout the week and the last time I really wash it was about a week ago!

Is it important for you to wear a hat and go outside on sunny days?

I never wear hats! My friends

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