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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “a shortish and usually very low collar, of the same material as a shirt, worn by the upper classes of the middle and upper classes of late middle ages.” (That’s a lot of Oxford Dictionaries to try and parse.) The flapper dress, of course, is typically “short in length, and a long or wide, almost billowing, white gown [as opposed to, say, a short skirt or blouse].”

Now that I know the history behind this word, I’m a little more intrigued by the concept. “Flapper dress” sounds like a fancy way to say a “dressing gown” (I love you, “Ding Dong!”). I can’t help but think of all of the little ladies wearing those dresses at the ball and watching her from behind to make sure she doesn’t try to slip in one of my heels. But of course in the real world, it’s not as chic or as glamorous. It’s a dress in need of a pretty name.

What are the most popular styles around New Orleans?

There are basically two main styles of flappers: the “old-timey” style that is most common, and the “modern” style from the 1800s that is most popular. The old-timey style has the big neckline (for a woman the size of me), full sleeves, and usually a more full, round skirt with an elegant slit, or even a “draped train.” Modern flappers are often more streamlined and often with a high, flared hem.

What’s your least favorite style?

The most disliked style is the “traditional, white, and elegant” flapper dress I mentioned above. As I said before, that’s because it’s just a fancy, modern, pretty dress with little to tie it together. That goes for white dresses and even blue dresses. My favorite is the “classic, black, plain and elegant,” in that its all-over, long, beautiful, classic, and classic with an intricate, drapey, ruffled hem that actually makes it look pretty…that’s really something.

What’s your favorite outfit item?

If I’m feeling particularly sassy or fancy, I’m always going for, “the black silk flapper dress” from the 1890s for women that look like an old-timey queen. The black dress was very classy at the time, and if you couldn

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