What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – Etsy Great Gatsby

– Red, Green & Blue were the first color options to become popular in the 1980’s. Pink and Yellow were also popular in the 1980’s. Black also became a popular color choice after it became the only color in 1983.

Can you explain what color combinations were common in the 1980’s?

– The colors on our T-shirt designs are what some people are going to experience while wearing your designs in the future. However, our T-shirts are NOT guaranteed to look exactly like a color or color combination of an item you are ordering so be sure to carefully read the details of each item before purchasing them.

Can I send my order back if the order has already been placed?

– No! When placing an order for merchandise, we will only ship it to the billing address on file with etsy. The billing address is where you’ll be sending the invoice via Paypal. Our shipping companies do not charge by the amount of the order.

How do I adjust an order, change an order, add or remove items?

– Please email us at with any questions related to an order before sending your order. You can also contact us via phone at (888) 984-0929.

I need help choosing a designer or color combination, can I contact your team?

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The first week or so in April marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown Jr., the unarmed Brown who was shot by a police officer in the Ferguson, Missouri, neighborhood where he had recently been walking home.

The anniversary, as one would expect, had something to do with race. There are four major themes among the hashtags used on Twitter during that first week — #BLM, #BrownLivesMatter, #MichaelBrown and #AllLivesMatter all of which reflect a growing recognition of race issues in the wake of the shooting.

This week also marks an uptick in the focus on police killings of African-Americans, particularly those of black males.

JUST WATCHED Black Lives Matter protests erupt in London Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Black Lives Matter protests erupt in London 04:40

Since January, when a Los Angeles man claimed he was tased, choked and shot by a police officer in the middle of the street (he also claimed that the officer was black) many black people have taken to social media, especially

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