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A “Gatsby theme” is a term used to refer to those songs whose lyrics contain references to the man famous for his eccentric behavior and “sophistication.” As stated above, Gatsby’s song “Carnival of Light”(a.k.a., the theme of the film) contains at least six references to the concept of the Gatsby story. This is illustrated by the fact that the first time that the movie actually opens, it is accompanied by a song that is entitled “Carnival of Light” and appears in the third act, not at the beginning as the title would indicate. Some of the songs are not necessarily all about Gatsby, but instead are simply songs that are associated with him and are used as the lead-in in the film. These songs include “When the Saints Go Marching In,” the “Carnival of Light” theme and “Gatsby’s Theme.” See the Gatsby section of this page for a list of all the songs that appear on the theme of the film. These songs are also included in the list of Gatsby’s themes (or “Gatsby’s theme” as some fans call it). See also “Gatsby, The White Album” for a list of the songs that appear on the album itself.

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Why are the lyrics of “Carnival of Light” so confusing and difficult to understand? In order to understand the lyrics that accompany the song, one must first be familiar with the basic characteristics of the Gatsby story.

At the beginning of the story, James Gatsby is shown sitting in a corner of a hotel room watching a television show. He turns to a woman that is sitting next to him and says, “I hope that you remember where I am… It’s Gatsby’s!” Shortly thereafter, we are shown two pictures of Gatsby, one of him eating a lunch in a cafe and the other of him having a sandwich on a lunch counter. The woman, Mary Stork, has had to make the sandwich as James had not eaten in about three weeks. James then leaves with the woman (who is wearing an apron) to go to the store. When he returns he sees a man standing at an escalator in front of a man, who is standing beside a subway car with two women on either side. He asks the man (who is obviously Gatsby) for Gatsby’s ID, which is given to him, leading

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