Did they wear tights in the 1920s? – 1920’S Flapper Dress Sewing Patterns


“The idea that we have just been left behind by the ’20s and ’30s is an incredible historical misconception,” he said. “It’s a myth.”

It’s also a bad myth. Back in the day, men were required to wear pants in all but bare minimums.

In a letter to his teenage daughter, George B. Schuyler, the first minister of the Baptist Church in America, wrote:

“In the church that we are at present making up, I do not feel that I am an adherent to any religion but that of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is not a mere form or a mere organ which may be used for public worship; it is the true church and I am one of its members.”

It was the simple fact that these men were women who believed in and supported women’s work, and that their work was part of the gospel, rather than their gender, which made them “wearing tights and shoes and miniskirts very much a part of the ‘pre-history.'”

Even today, when many women believe they have the freedom to express themselves in dress code as well as to make decisions for themselves and their families with respect and autonomy, there is no difference in principle, only in timing. Some things are only possible when your husband is present, and vice versa.

I would venture to say that today, some in dress code society view women as more mature and wise than they actually are, perhaps more so than perhaps they might realize.

We have taken the Bible’s command to love all humans with our own breath, and turned it on its head. Instead of telling women and men to love one another, we have made them responsible for one another.

“The idea that women today are equal as they were 50 years ago is simply not true,” said Buss. “Their equal is not in their right to dress as they please. And what we are doing, in some places, is taking away a little bit of that liberty and giving it up so that we are controlling in some way how women dress.”

The next challenge we face is that of getting the word out in all our work. The key to this is to encourage women to speak up to make their voices heard. “If we want women to be in charge today, they have to be willing to speak up,” continued Buss. “If they don’t, then we will not be able to

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