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“People who are not flappers, who are people who have been working for years in a factory or in a mine or in a factory on the waterfront of some town on the Atlantic coast or the North Sea coast, wear an old style of jewelry,” Wiese said.

What is true about the “old style” jewelry worn by sailors is not so clear. At the time the movie was made, there were fewer than 2.5 million American seamen (people involved in the trade of fishing, including flotation) today. It could well be that the jewelry worn by the women of the era wasn’t so much “old style” as “old-timey,” he said. While the jewelry of today is often worn “for the woman,” he said, it could equally be worn “for the sailor.”

It is true that people from the “old days” were not always men, said Wiese. “There are women who are more than happy wearing ‘old style’ jewelry,” he said. A woman may be a young woman, but a man may be wearing something that was a bit more elaborate than what would now be considered “harpy.”

Women wore “fancy” jewelry, made of silk and other rare materials, that would have been considered “modern art,” said Wiese, who notes that women would have had many options available to them, depending on what kind of jobs they had, and even that the designs on their jewelry were often different. “They had many other things to wear” if they had jobs to go to, including their petticoats.

It must have been a very busy time for both women and men, Wiese said. He said that it was likely that women on a sea-going vessel of any kind were expected to do both laundry and laundry service, which may have included working by the pool or pool table, with a man sitting in the pool. He said that “a lot of the things that we associate with working by the pool” also would have been available for women, especially those “that did a lot of traveling.”

In Wiese’s opinion, “The American female has become more feminine since the days when sailors were sailors, but there are still very few women who dress like flappers.”

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