What kind of jewelry did flappers wear?

Flapper dresses were usually a combination of floral and beaded patterns printed on the bodice along with lace designs, but sometimes a beaded pattern was the basic design.

How did flappers get those elaborate necklaces?

Flapper jewelry was often made out of beaded materials that may have been found in local treasure chests. The jewelry was often cut with beads so that the beads formed intricate patterns that were often made in the style of ancient Egypt, Persian, Arabian, or Italian crystal and gem jewelry.

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What kind of clothing did flappers wear?

Flapper patterns ranged from simple geometric patterns to elaborate floral designs. A wide variety of designs are documented in archaeological excavations in and around the city.

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Did Flapper Clothing Come From Egypt?

The Flappers lived in the Levant, on the Black Sea coast. It wasn’t until the 15th century that Europe first learned of Egypt, and even then it probably wasn’t until they saw a series of Egyptian ruins at the site of Hierakonpolis in Syria.

In 1509, French scholars discovered that the city had lost its capital, and they began to call it Alexandria. They named it the “city of light,” with its center in what is today the northern half of the Mediterranean. They thought that if they were to reclaim the territory, they’d have to travel to the north. They also identified Alexandria as Thebes.

Did they come to Thebes with Egyptian money?
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There is some evidence suggesting that the Egyptians did in fact give flappers money, so we must be careful when we read about their travels. The history of Egypt is so poorly known that it is almost unbelievable, and one can imagine a story on its outskirts about how an Egyptian adventurer traveled on foot from Thebes to Alexandria. However, the story in its broadest aspect describes that there were trade routes linking both cities, and it is reasonable, I believe, to assume that this itinerary was developed over a period of years.

How important was Thebes?

Egyptian rulers did indeed set up shop at the center of the city. In the course of time there were a number of different civilizations in the area, many of them centered around a large temple city of the god Hathor. Eventually there was a battle between the various civilizations, resulting in the destruction of